Tea Party 1-Liberals Minus 0

If you are of the liberal persuasion, which appears to be a slowly dying breed, then politics in Washington and the policy positions of the # 1 liberal, Barack Obama, are certain to make you a little queasy, if not violently ill.

There is no sugar-coating the fact that in the debt-ceiling battle, the Republicans won, the conservatives won, the Tea Party won and the liberals got hammered.

Sure Social Security and Medicare were protected, but the cuts that will go into effect in the next ten years will hurt the middle class and the poor, while the wealthy and the corporations go scot free.

The President got the debt ceiling issue put off until after the 2012 election but that’s about all he got in terms of achieving one of his key goals. Tax revenue, closing corporate loopholes and the Grand Bargain all got dumped in the circular file.

Liberals are furious with the Presidnet and his team for not standing tall for what Democrats are supposed to stand for -using government to help those in need and to invest in the future. There’s a lot of talk in liberal circles that the President just doesn’t know how to frame an argument to counter act the right or how to use his office to slam the right with liberal and progressive positions.

The President just seems intimidated by the right and willing to go along with the flow rather than meeting conservative positions with liberal ones.  The President and most liberals, except the hated Nancy Pelosi, seem afraid to attack the right, to use outrageous comments to counter act outrageous comments and to use the Internet to show how off the wall the Tea Party positions really are.

Liberals just seem to be willing to be beaten up politically and then complain about being beaten up. So another victory for the right with the left being taken to the cleaners. When will the word ” fight ” enter the liberal vocabularly?


One Response to Tea Party 1-Liberals Minus 0

  1. Jim Ackeret says:

    Couldn’t disagree more with several points.
    1) I can assure you that “Liberalism” is alive and well. Just look at the legislation passed in the last 2.5 years.
    2) “Liberals “afraid to attack the right”!!! I think not. If you’ve been listening, you would notice that they have perfected it to an art form. But, after all, it is sytemic for Liberals to attack and attempt to marginalize what they fear.

    This wasn’t a win for either side. It was just another postponement of the inevitable.

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