It’s Time for the Women

One of the inevitable results of the political scandals involving men behaving badly and engaging in extra-marital affairs is that women who enter politics and aspire to take the lead in governing may just become more attractive to voters and to political party leaders desperate to find the candidate with the “right stuff.”

Now of course all male politicians are not serial philanderers and social media freaks; in fact it is safe to say that most of the guys who hold public office are family men who respect their marriage vows. But there are just enough of these morally challenged pols around today to give women the opportunity to change the face of state and national politics.

Women in politics remain a disturbing minority, but their numbers are creeping upward and those numbers can be expected to grow in the coming years. What may be happening in Ameircan politics is that the “horny factor” among high profile political figures could send a subtle message to voters, particularly female voters, when they see a woman on the ballot.

Certainly gender and testosterone should not be the guiding factors in casting a vote, but these scandals give women new ways to show off their unique strengths and talents. What just might happen is that women may begin to package their candidacies in terms of being trustworthy, more committed to family values and more astute at avoiding the personal pitfalls that come with a high profile job.

This is all admittedly pure political speculation, but the now regular trail of sex scandals has at least raised the question of credibilityand integrity of too many of our political leaders at a time whne it is clear that Americans yearn for honesty, transparency and decency in government.

Women are not by nature saints, but women in politics have for too long not been given a chance to shine. The sexual exploits of the good old boys may just give women that chance.



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