She’s Back!

Mama Grizzly, America’s # 1 Soccer Mom, aka Sarah Palin is back in the news. Whether riding a Harley in Washington D.C. or touring the east coast in a bus proclaiming her campaign to ” Restore America”, Sarah Palin is stirring the pot among Republicans.

Say what you will about Sarah, she is a bona fide political celebrity. Reporters from all the major networks, cable news outlets and veteran bloggers were stepping over each other to get a glimpse at Sarah trying to pry loose a quote about whether she will run in 2012. Sarah remained coy; she’s seasoned enough to just to keep the media’s attention and committed to signing up for her tour.

I am sure that Mitt and  Tim and Newt and probably Michele and who knows who else will come out of the woodwork are not happy with Sarah’s new found interest in the presidential race. With her star power and links to the Tea Party Sarah would be a formidable force in the early primaries and could kill the chances of the current crop of candidates.

Of course despite all the excitement of seeing Sarah in leather riding a Harleyor flipping her hair twenty times an hour as if she were a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader, the nagging question among adult Americans is whether she is indeed presidential material. All the polls in recent months show that her popularity and her capability are on a downward slide. It appears that Americans are beginning to catch on to the Palin schtick.

But for those who read the tea leaves of electoral politics, Palin has reorganized and expanded her staff and brought in campaign pros. It is safe to say that this tour is about testing the waters and determining whether any of the Palin magic remains. It is too soon to tell, but the Republicans are so disorganized that Palin probably feels that she can make an end run into the primaries and to the convention.

Somewhere along the line, however, Sarah will have to answer real questions about her policy position and her vision for America. It is just not enough to talk about renewing America, just like it was not enough for Barack Obama to champion hope. Slogans are not enough for Sarah; after all we are talking about the President of the United States, not a talking head on Fox.


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