Cash Flow

Michael Moore just irritates the right with his no holds barred skewering of the rich and the well born.  In his recent rant in Madison, Wisconsin he was right on about the attack on unions and collective bargaining, all under the false premise that this country is broke.

This country is certainly not broke, maybe in debt, but not broke. What Moore and others of the left are finally saying is that corporate America is sitting on an estimated $ 1.8 trillion in cash, while the poverty rate inches upward with now 13% of our neighbors declared poor, including almost 17 million children.

Those deprived millionaires and billionaires are getting their tax cuts, their bonuses, and their golden parachutes, while the middle class is finding out that wages and salaries are not keeping pace with the cost of living. The middle class is in dire straits and the American Dream is quickly fading. The United States now has one of the highest levels of income inequality in the world as the rich get richer and the rest get the crumbs.

So to say that the United States is broke is wildly off base. Yes many of us are broke or just getting by and many states are facing deeply unbalanced budgets, but public officials are not without measures to correct the situation. Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin made sure that no tax increases on businesses or individuals went up when he proposed solutions to the budget crunch, but his answer is to hit the pocketbooks of state workers, who are by no means taking home a king’s ransom.

What has happened in the last ten years in this country is a massive redistribution of wealth upwards to the top 1%-2% of Americans. The right continues to complain about government programs that redistribute income to the poor, but it is the redistribution of income to the rich that is the source of our financial woes.

Some have said that the protests in Wisconsin and elsewhere have begun to cast light on the real fiscal problem in this country – the income rape of the middle class. What this country needs now is a reincarnation of the Tea Party with emphasis not on how government is the enemy, but rather on how the rich are taking the middle class to the cleaners and then boldly blaming them for the states and the nation going “broke.”


One Response to Cash Flow

  1. Bill Dowd says:

    You must be desperate for responses to have penned such an uncivil and misleading piece. Most folks who’ve examined the situation thoughtfully acknowledge that the government is broke. It has promised much more than it can pay to too many people in the name of a safety net. Even the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and my little town of Holliston are broke the same way; we’ve made promises we can’t keep.

    What is not broke is the economy, which thankfully continues, despite all the burdens imposed on it by the government, to create things of value. The solution to the government’s insolvency is not to confiscate that wealth in the name of evening the playing field, but rather to reduce spending, encourage private investment, create real jobs and thereby get more folks off the dole and back into the middle class. If you’d checked your research, you’d know that the middle class has not disappeared by becoming millionaires. They’ve disappeared into the safety net.

    I don’t expect fair and balanced. But accurate would be nice.

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