Thank Goodness That’s Over, Or Is It?

Well the Republicans got their chance to huff and puff about the evils of Obamacare, and so the repeal of the health care reform bill is official, at least official in the House of Representatives.

The conventional wisdom is that with this symbolic and useless vote by the Republicans the conservative base has been allegedly appeased and that now saner, more mature legislators in the GOP can get down to business.

I don’t buy the conventional wisdom, in large part because so many of these freshmen legislators belong to the “compromise is evil” camp and instead believe that intransigence in the name of a “higher good” is the way politics should be played in Washington.

The 112th Congress looks like the Newt Gingrich Congress of 1994, which promised much and did little, other than shut the government down and impeach Bill Clinton – not much of a record of achievement. These tea partiers are poised to self-destruct as they hold to the “truth” and stop “socialism” in America.

Already these right-wing nutcases are getting the American voter to re-think who they put in office President Obama’s popularity is now moving in an upward direction as is support for health care reform. The American people may have gotten suckered in by the lies of the Republicans, but they are smart enough to know when government is run by juveniles who don’t have a clue or a plan.

The more that the Obama administration and the Democrats in Congress calmly tell their story and get the facts out there about Republican lies, the sooner this fringe group in the House will take their leave. Furthermore, with clear signs that the employment picture is getting brighter along with general economic growth, the right wing will begin to lose supporters and a soapbox.

Unfortuately, every once and awhile America has to go through its “crazy” phase as people who have no business running our government get into power. Thankfully, their shelf life is short and this country allows grown ups to retake the reins of power.

But don’t look for these fringe riders to go away after one vote. They have two whole years to self-destruct and during those two years they will continue to promote their goofy ideas and non solutions. It’s the price we pay for our democracy.


2 Responses to Thank Goodness That’s Over, Or Is It?

  1. Bill Dowd says:

    I just began exploring this Twitter thing, and what do you know, there you are. I read your blog post about us nutcases, and it didn’t sound as well reasoned as your columns in Bridgewater Review. I really think you’re missing the basis for the opposition to Obama’s health care reform. In general, and in so many ways, our government has grown to promise much and yet prepare little. One need look no further than Social Security and Medicare. Both are doomed to either evaporation or the placement of crushing debt on our successor generations. Locally, you personally are the beneficiary of two state government promises; your pension and your retiree medical benefits. Neither of which those been financially prepared for, again leaving either you with no benefits or your successors with crushing debt. The opposition to Obama’s heath reform and the urgency for repeal is simply based on the premise that until the promises we’ve already made have been secured and the debt we’ve already incurred made manageable, it is imprudent, foolish and dishonest to emptily promise so much again. If Congress and the President can stabilize the existing promises, better rationalize existing spending and reduce the underlying annual deficit, I’d be all in favor of tackling health care. I’m not a fringe rider and I don’t think the repeal effort is goofy. To me, it’s just a matter of fairness to my kids and their kids.

    Oh, and what happened to the post Gaby Giffords civility in public discourse effort?

  2. Bill Dowd says:

    One more thing. I missed reading you in the Bridgewater Review. Hope you’re enjoying your new phase.

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