Here We Go Again

I hate to tell you this but the campaign for the President of the United States has started. I know that this is January, 2011 and the election is not until November, 2012, but this is America and in our odd political system the race for the White House takes two years. Most civilized democracies in Europe and elsewhere take three to four months for their campaigns. We here in the states, however, just can’t restrain ourselves from dragging out this political drama for almost two years.

Already President Obama’s chief aide David Axelrod has been assigned the task of reelecting his boss. The Republicans are also getting their organization together and telling anyone who will listen that the current president is going to be a one termer to be replaced by a new savior from the Grand Old Party.

Although there continues to be speculation that Hilary Clinton might attempt to unseat Obama in a primary fight, it looks like the current Secretary of State is not going to spend millions of dollars in what is likely a futile attempt to put a Clinton back in the White House.

As for the Republicans the frontrunner at the early stages of this political slog is Willard Romney, better known as Mitt, the former Governor of Massachusetts, now a resident of California. Romney is viewed as the only candidate who can pose a credible threat to Obama, which means he doesn’t scare people like Sarah Palin, he knows business and finance, and he is tall, has great hair and teeth – three essentials for a presidential candidate. There of course will be others entering the race like Newt Gingrich, Mike Huckabee, Tim Pawlenty and maybe even Jeb Bush to try and continue the dynasty with a trifecta.

It is futile and foolish to speculate on what will happen almost two years from now, but I do want to warn you that the race for the White House means speechifying all over the country, endless commercials on the tube, hints of scandal and corruption and boatloads of money spent. 

So get ready for the presidential election of 2012. Take my advice – try and ignore the campaign as long as you can. I can almost guarantee that you will get hopelessly bored or worse yet turned off by our long march of electing the leader of the free world.


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