What Obama Must Do in 2011

With 2010 coming to an end, there is talk in political circles of what President Obama must do in 2011 in order not only to get the country back on track but also to make him a viable second term president.

It seems that everyone has advice for the President, so here goes with a short list of some of the more prominent words of wisdom that have been given to the President.

One bit of advice that seems to surface from many experts is that the President needs to get out of the White House and start promoting his accomplishments and take on his detractors. If there is a common criticism of Obama in his first two years it is that he forgot to use his most potent weapon, his ability to rally the American people by using his natural  charisma and his vision of the future. The President cannot let Fox News control the national debate.

Secondly, the President must not forget that it is still possible for this country to fall back into a recession, sometimes called a double dip. With housing still weak, the states and localities near bankruptcy and joblessness near 10%, it is not doomsday thinking to say that this country could face dire times, even worse than the last two years. Obama has to be prepared to take immediate measures, perhaps another round of stimulus funds, should the economy fall backwards, rather than forge ahead.

Finally, the President must move much quicker than he has to get the United State off its dependence on oil and put the country on track toward the green revolution. Too often the oil, gas and coal industries have blocked efforts to change the energy rules of the game and put a stop to real energy reform. But we can no longer keep up this oil binge that is not only hurting the pocketbooks of average Americans but also giving Middle Eastern countries an opportunity to engage in energy blackmail.

A very good argument can be made that Obama’s first two years were a whopping success- there is no doubt that he saved the country from a Great Depression and got a solid list of legislation through. But he failed miserably in talking to the American people about his programs and he let the right wing control the national conversation. Obama will need to toughen up and use Teddy Roosevelt’s ” bully pulpit” to take on his detractors and those who are blocking reform.


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