Fraulein Maria vs. Bluto Blutarsky

There was a story in the Boston Globe recently which tried to get a handle on the candidates running for Governor by asking them everyday questions that might reveal their personality, temperment and outlook on life. The question that caught my eye was the one that asked the candidates to name their favorite movie.

Governor Patrick siad that his favorite was The Sound of Music –  the uplifting music and story line gave him inspiration. Charlie Baker on the other hand said his favorite movie was Animal House, because of its hilarious take on college life.

Now I ask you, would you rather have a governor run this state who hums Do Re Mi and the Hills Are Alive With Music or a governor whose hero is Bluto Blutarsky and all the other guys from the Delta House?

I must admit that I am torn between the movie selection of Patrick and Baker. The Governor seems to suggest that the Sound of Music is about family, love and an unwillingness to bend under pressure from the Nazis. As for Baker, Animal House suggests his support for the free wheeling, anti-establishment brotherhood of the Delta Gang.

Of course judging who should lead this state for the next four years should not be determined by movie favorites or trying to read the tea leaves of what the choice really means. But it is fair to saya that those who just love the Sound of Music are more of the touch-feely crowd who cry when Fraulein Maria finally gets married to the widowed Austrian naval officer with a bunch of kids, while Baker supporters could be categorized as the gung ho crowd who take no prisoners and use their loony ingenuity to engage in an assault on the status quo by doing something really stupid.

As a political scientist, I am reluctant to recommend using movie preferences as the way to make a election choice, but if you are having trouble in the voting booth on November 2, you could try the movie option. It does tell you something about what these two guys are about as people and maybe as political leaders.


One Response to Fraulein Maria vs. Bluto Blutarsky

  1. annie says:

    a classic case of bleeding heart liberal vs. a couple of screws missing conservative :)

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