Who Is Sarah Palin?

Who is Sarah Palin? Is she the future standard bearer of the Republican Party? Is she a flash in the pan Tea Partier who will go away soon? Is she an astute media maven out to make a quick buck? Or is she the next President of the United States?

When it comes to capturing the attention of the 24/7 cable networks and the generally misinformed, Sarah is a public relations genius. You betcha!

But most Americans who are not Republicans have little regard for Sarah; her popularity outside the party is about 20% and she has what the political consultants call huge negatives. In short, a whole bunch of people don’t think she is ready to run the world’s most powerful country.

The establishment Republicans, meaning all those old white guys who think of themsevles as moderates, just don’t know waht to do about Sarah, and secretly worry that if she would end up facing President Obama in 2012, she would be crushed and the Republicans would be denied the White House.

Yet there is no stopping the former Governor of Alaska and John McCain’s running mate. No matter how many times she mangles the English language or shows her ignorance on most substantive issues, the right wing just falls in love even more with the former cheerleader with the down home style and the black leather outfits.

Sarah is a master at instilling fear and patriotism among her admirers, and fear and patriotism are the two driving forces currently at the center of American politics. Thoughtfulness, moderation, logic, toleration, and intelligence have been thrown to the wind as too many Americans take the easy way out and just look for the simple answer and the common touch.

The answer to the question of who is Sarah Palin awaits as Americans who are not on the fringes make up their minds. In the meantime, Sarah is having a great ride. You Betcha!


2 Responses to Who Is Sarah Palin?

  1. datGurl! says:

    Sarah Palin is a big mouth bitch who’s 15 mins has run overtime.

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