Liberal Weenies

Should the Republicans gain the House and perhaps the Senate in the November election, it is not only because the economy has stagnated with millions out of work, it is also because the right-wing has been helped by an inept White House and a liberal base that can only be described as a bunch of weenies.

Say what you will about Palin, Beck, Limbaugh, O’Reilly and Hannity, but these conservatives have waged a brilliant media attack on the liberals and the Democratic White House and Congress.

What do the Democrats answer with – milk toast comments from the drab Harry Reid in the Senate, tired old pablum from Speaker Pelosi in the House, a President who just can’t find the right words to get the nation on his side and a so-called liberal base that is content to sit at home and fire off emails to family and friends.

This is no winning strategy; in fact it is a recipe for defeat. Conservatives dominate talk radio; their raillies and commentary, however outrageous and false, capture the headlines of 24/7 cable news; and they have formed a mini-army of activists, the Tea Partiers, who have become quite adept at grassroots organizing.

What have the liberals done? Mostly whine and blame the President for not being liberal enough. No liberal rallies, no liberal reponses that gain media attention, no fiery spokesmen and spokeswomen to play tough with the right. In fact there is nothing going on with liberals that is even close to a strategy that takes on the right.

President Obama could be a potent force for making Americans support his policies and programs, but there is no fire in the belly, no dramatic speech, no sign of anger to match the national anger, in effect no leadership.

What the Democrats and the liberals are left with is the false hope that Americans will see the light, the Republicans will self-destruct and the economy will come around in the next two months. Talk about delusion.

Where is the fight among the liberals? Where is the counter-attack to all the ridiculous assertions of the right? Where is the President when the nation is waiting for the FDR moment with the equivalent of those immortal words, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself?”

All the liberals have shown so far is quiet submission and complaining on the Internet. That’s not enough to match the effective challenges from the right. Weenies of the world unite.


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