It’s Time for Joe Biden

What’s been noticeably missing from the Obama administration as it deals with the Republicans in Congress and the conservatives in the country is what in the political world is called an ” attack dog”, a relentless critic of the opposition who takes no prisoners. The Obama administration needs Vice-President Joe Biden to be its ” attack dog.”

Up to now I suspect that the White House advisory team has been reluctant to use Biden to take on the right because they fear  the VP will say something stupid or politically damaging to the President. There is, of course, reason to be concerned because Biden suffers from ” foot in mouth disease” as he makes the President and his team cringe every time he speaks out on issues.

But to date the President hasn’t had a highly visible voice in the political wilderness who is fearless and upbeat. With Obama almost always taking the high road with his professorial demeanor and appeals to bipartisanship, the Democrats need someone who knows how to fight the political fight, no matter the possible dangers from ” foot in mouth disease.”

Right now all the Obama team has is Press Secretary Bob Gibbs, who recently made the unfortunate statement that the Democrats just might lose the House of Representatives come November. Gibbs was chastised for his comments, but a few days later there was Joe Biden giving a different story as he proudly proclaimed that the Democrats were not going to lose the House or the Senate and would actually triumph at the polls. This is exactly what Democratic activists and pessimistic liberals need to hear.

I’m usually not in the business of giving advice to the President of the United States, but this time I will – let Joe Biden be Joe Biden and give him free rein to take on the Republicans and the conservatives. Mr. President, accept the fact that the VP might say something inappropriate, but why be concerned- ever since January 20, 2009 the Republicans and conservatives have made headway saying the most inappropriate things about your administration, most of it outright lies.

It’s time that the White House got tough with its opponents and give out just as much as they receive from the right. Joe Biden seems to be just the best guy for the job – a liberal ” attack dog.”


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