A Glimmer of Hope

If you are a liberal Democrat and fear the worst come November, don’t get all crazy over the prospect of a Republican majority in the Congress. Not a day goes by without some Republican in the House or Senate saying something that must make sane people scratch their heads in disbelief.

The Republicans are now the complete captives of the radical right and have renounced all moderate positions and solutions to America’s policy challenges. Minnesota’s Michelle Bachman is charging that Obama is making us slaves; Louisiana’s David Vitter is encouraging the birther movement to go to court; Rand Paul is forced to deny that he is a lunatic. And I haven’t even gotten to Sarah Palin yet, who says just about anything that has only a small kernel of truth lodged somewhere in her ” you betcha” monologues.

Even the alleged grown-ups in the party are still defending BP, supporting the Bush tax cuts in a time of huge deficits, and voting against unemployment benefits for millions of Americans. It is now clear that these guys and gals from the right have no plan, no heart and no soul.

The Republicans put themselves in this condition by refusing early on to tell the talk show blowhards to tone down the rhetoric and stop calling the President a new Hitler, a hater of all things American and of course not even a citizen.

Not surprisingly some Americans are buying all this hate and untruths, but there still are millions of moderate, independent voters out there who the Democrats can work on by pointing out a Republican victory in November means putting a whole bunch of rich, extreme nut jobs in charge.

There is no doubt that the Democrats will lose seats; it almost always happens in mid-term elections- to say any different is an illusion. But the more extreme and ridiculous the Republican message becomes, the light at the end of the election tunnel gets brighter for the Democrats. If you are a liberal Democrat keep praying for the nut jobs in the Republican Party to keep on talking trash.


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