White Man’s Burden

The uproar over the law in Arizona that gives the police power to stop those Hispanics they think may be in this country illegally continues unabated. Besides the economic boycotts already in place, there is now even talk of moving the baseball all-star game from Arizona to show the opposition of Major League Baseball to the law.

But as Hispanic leaders point out this law is not only about illegals in Arizona, it is also about a growing anger among white folks at the presence and influence of people from Mexico in their state. There is certainly a racial undertone to the new law, besides concerns over crime and culture.

But amidst all this noise about illegal immigrants in Arizona, there is one undeniable fact – these immigrants from Mexico would not come to Arizona if there wasn’t a job waiting for them from a white contractor, roofing company, meat packing factory, landscape business or restaurant.

If Arizona wanted to really stop illegal immigration it would put out of business all those white people who knowingly hire illegal immigrants from Mexico. Of course Arizona would never do that because so much of the economic life of that state is dependent on cheap, illegal labor.

So rather than stopping the illegals from going to work in Arizona for white owners, the politicians pass a law that gives the police extraordinary and certainly unconstitutional powers to stop whomever they think looks like an illegal. By the way do you know what an illegal immigrant looks like?

Arizona’s law should be protested and the state should face some sanctions for its actions, although those actions are really a loud desperate cry for the federal government to get its act together and pass comprehensive immigration reform. But despite the loud desperate cry and the building anger of the white majority in Arizona, what the politicians have done in passing this law is not addressing the real source of the illegal immigration problem; the real problem is the white business elite that hires these people. The problem in Arizona is indeed the white man’s burden.


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