What’s All The Complaining About?

My conservative friends send me anti-Obama and anti-government jokes and cartoons on a regular basis. I don’t mind them, in fact many of them are downright funny, and of course they are my friends. But I started to ask myself the other day, why are these job-holding, professionally paid middle class friends of mine so upset with Obama and his policies?

Let’s review the record for a moment. Since Obama took office, and especially in the last six monthy the stock market has taken off and I suspect that most of my friends began to recoup a least a substantial portion of their 401K losses. As far as I know, the federal government hasn’t increased their taxes, and if they make less than $ 250,000 ( they don’t) the health care bill won’t have a tax impact on them at all.

Then there is the growing health of the economy – growth rates in the 4% range, no sign of a double dip recession, small business is getting tax incentives, housing starts are on the increase, and all the key indicators except unemployment are on the uptick. Even employment is showing some signs of life. And those terrible bank bailouts are in some cases beginning to yield some profit for the U.S. taxpayer. Add all this to the fact that the President has taken away their precious guns, and the question becomes, what’s all the complaining about?

I can certainly understand the anger and frustration among those Americans who lost a job or a house or their life savings, but these guys and millions like them are doing much better a year into the Obama presidency. In fact it is not an exaggeration to state that the guy in the White House saved, yes saved, the American economy.

Now I know that this is a country of two parties and two points of view, so these Obama Know Nothings have every right to hold contrary opinions and make fun of the President; its a long-standing American tradition. But all this Obama bashing really doesn’t make sense when the economy clearly is on the mend. The only answer is that these guys spend way to much time surfing conservative websites and listening to Fox, where you would think the sky is indeed falling and that sometime, somewhere, somehow Obama will pick their pockets and form an alliance with Communist Cuba.

Politics is a rough business and rarely do presidents keep their ratings high- there is always something to complain about. Still, this fear and loathing about Obama just doesn’t make sense; that is unless you bring race into the picture.


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