The Revenge of the Angry White Guys

If Hollywood ever makes a movie about the surprise victory of Scott Brown in the Massachusetts senatorial election, my vote for the title would be ” The Revenge of the Angry White Guys.” Yes, the angry white guys are now the key voting block that controls the political process not only in Massachusetts but indeed the United States.

Hit hard by the recession, suspicious of big government, not too concerned about social issues and a bit sexist and racist, the angry white guys put Scott Brown into office and just might put the Republicans back in control of Congress in November. There is more and more polling evidence that the Angry White Guys are turning on the Democrats and moving to the right. Barack Obama was able to get a good percentage of these guys back in 2008, but they are now in an ugly mood and blame him and his party for all that ills the country.

These guys were never really Democrats or even mildly liberal, but in 2008 they had enough of Bush and the economic free fall and were not too impressed with the petulant John McCain, so they held their noses and voted for Obama and change.  But after just a year in office and despite some hopeful signs of a recovery, these angry white guys have had enough of Obama and the Democrats.

Of course when you ask them what will the Republicans do to make their life better, they really don’t have an answer, just some mumblings about debt and taxes. Now I’m not a psychiatrist or some kind of mind reader, but these angry white guys appear to be upset that they no longer are in control or at the top of the power pedestal. Women are taking over key management positions, non-whites are all over the place, and the recession has put them out of work.

So when Scott Brown drives a pick-up truck and Republicans talk tough about anything that comes to their mind, the angry white guys thrust their fist in the air or give each other a high five. It’s junior high all over again.

This anger is not going to diminish any time soon, although a strong economic recovery may get these guys to think a minute about what all this bluster and bombast means and why they would vote for an unknown state senator who posed in the nude and drove a beat up pick-up truck. That’s how revenge works.


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