The End of a Dynasty

The election of Scott Brown as the new Senator from Massachusetts was not only significant in the message it sent to Democrats and to Washington, it also marked the end of the Kennedy dynasty in American politics. Since the post-World War II era Massachusetts has always had a Kennedy in office either at the state or national level, and on occasion there were multiple Kennedys in positions of governmental prominence.

But those days are now over – the Camelot of John and Jackie is gone, the excitement over young John John possibly becoming a successor to his father is gone, and the charismatic Bobbie and the Liberal Lion of the Senate, Ted are both gone.

There are scores of Kennedy cousins, but there doesn’t appear to be any interest on their part in running for office or beginning to rebuild the Kennedy dynasty. There is the Kennedy Presidential Library and the soon to be constructed Kennedy Senate Institute to house Ted’s papers, but that is what is left from this unbelievable run of political power – just memories, artifacts and official papers.

The fact that so many Massachusetts voters joined Scott Borwn when he said that he was running for the “people’s seat” not the “Kennedy seat” shows that the loyalty toward the family and the mystique of the Kennedy power are gone. What is also gone is the collective memory in Massachusetts of all the good the Kennedys did for this state and the country.

All dynasties come to an end whether in sports, entertainment or politics; and so to with the Kennedy dynasty. But oh what a run! The Kennedys gave us everything we might want in a family of global influence – glamour, controversy, scandal, tragedy, good deeds and most of all, hope for a better tomorrow.

The Kennedys will always remain a vital part of our history, especially here in Massachusetts, but that is all there is now, just history.

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