Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye

Maybe I am just sore because the Yankees have pushed the Red Sox out of first place, but I am glad the New Yorkers are almost gone from the Commonwealth. No, not the Yankee New Yorkers, but all those tourists from the Evil Empire state. To borrow a phrase from that legendary sports anthem of Steam, Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye.

Every summer the New Yorkers invade our wonderful and beautiful state from the Cape to the Berskshires and bring all their bad habits with them. Sure they pump money into our economy, but for all those profits we have to endure those rude, crude and mannerless neighbors from the five boroughs.

Just to give you an example, I was at the Cape recently enjoying the pristine waters and sand of one of our great beaches. And wouldn’t you know a New Yorker plunked his beach chair down a few steps away. Of course he had a silly canvas beach hat with the Yankee logo, which annoyed me to no end.

But what really got me angry was that he was smoking this huge cigar, certainly against beach policy and protocol. Every couple of minutes he would flick the ashes into the sand with nary a concern for the environment. He was holding the largest coffee mug in the world and when he was done gulping, he drained the rest on the beach, in typical New Yorker fashion.

The guy obviously had no sense since he was lobster red from head to toe, since New Yorkers have yet to hear of sun blocker. Thankfully, he left and allowed we cultured and ecologically committed Bay Staters to enjoy the pleasures of the beach without the invader from the southwest. I didn’t see him drive away, but I am sure it was in one of those humungous black SUVs that eat up gas and despoil the planet.

I always wonder why New Yorkers come here to Massachusetts, since they have Long Island and the Jersey shore. I suspect it is to make people like me miserable with their classless and clueless behavior. Well like I said, they are almost gone and I am sure the Sox will get the ultimate revenge come October.  Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye.


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