Jon and Kate Minus Eight

It is nearly impossible to stand in a supermarket line these days and glance at the tabloids without seeing a cover story about Jon and Kate and their eight children. Just in case you missed it ( and congratulations that you did miss it), Jon and Kate and their cute as a button kids are the latest craze in reality television.

For some weird reason, millions of viewers have tuned in The Learning Channel to watch this couple handle eight toddlers under 5. Of course what would reality television be if there wasn’t some great crisis or internal familial dispute? Well as it turns out Jon and Kate are getting a divorce, because he is a snaeaking cad who has found a new love who doesn’t have eight kids. Kate is not without her warts as she frequently shrieks at Jon and reveals herself to be the ultimate media hound control freak.

How do I know all this? Well it turns out that all three of our daughters just can’t stop themselves from watching Jon and Kate and the eight kids, and being loving daughters who want their dad to experience the ups and downs of life, they suckered me into watching an episode.

The one show I saw was just plain boring, although the kids definitely deserve a new set of normal parents. For some reason, however, American who tune in on Monday nights don’t share my assessment.  I guess the viewers must find some bizarre relief in watching marriages and family life go down the drain. We have become a voyeuristic society getting our kicks out of peeping into the lives of others.

Now no one forced Jon and Kate to spend three years of their lives in front of the television cameras, but the prospect of making hundreds of thousands of dollars, book deals, personal appearances and other bennies was just too much to resist.  Now three years later their reputations are shot, the show is going off the air, the kids have only one parent at a time, and the adoring crowd has moved on the the next geek show on television.

When will Americans just find the time to sit quietly and read a good book or take a long walk or simply reflect on the day instead of watching self-centered, money grubbing zombies?


One Response to Jon and Kate Minus Eight

  1. Andee says:

    And still, after her marriage (and life) is falling apart, Kate says, “the show must go on…” At least we know where her priorities lie.

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