Anger, Fear and Confidence

If the United States under the Obama administration is going to get out of this economic mess it will not only be because the stimulus package drives up consumer demand and chips away at joblessness or new housing programs save millions from bank auctions or a sustained effort to ease credit lending offers new hope to those seeking capital.

No, the real keys to ending this recession lie in dealing with the deep layers of anger that have built up in the political arena, the fear that permeates the national psyche and the disappearing confidence level that eats away at hope and change.

Although President Obama has been at his desk just over a month, his plans to get the nation moving have been met with ridicule and stubborness from the angry right, who refuse to cut him any slack. Sure our government needs a loyal opposition, but all the conservatives in the House and Senate have to offer the American people are the tired and failed ideas of the Bush era.

A quick look at the public opinion polls point to the clear fact that Americans are not buying the righteous anger of the conservatives; in fact a huge majority of the public know that to go back to tax breaks for the rich, deregulation for the financial sector and generous give aways to big businesses who pad the pockets of CEOs and send jobs to China would bring further catastrophe.

Then there is the fear factor. Wall Street wise guys  and their pals in Congress feed on the self-inflicted fears of bank nationalization, redistribution of wealth to the middle class, and more generous support for the unemployed, college bound students, and kids without health care. To hear some of these right-wingers talk, Obama is on the verge of making the ol’ US of A Sweden. Not.  As FDR said, ” There is nothing to fear but fear itself.” The New Deal didn’t make the US Sweden and nor will Obama’s policies.

Finally, what all those in Washington, Wall Street and the corporate boardrooms need to concentrate on is rebuilding the confidence of Americans. How to do this?  It is really quite simple. How about banks taking a chance and lending money to consumers. How about politicians stop complaining about the stimulus bill and use the money wisely. How about corporations start bringing some jobs home and give work to able bodied Americans.  Building confidence among Americans who are down in the dumps is the quickest way to beat the recession.

Anger, fear and confidence; three words that could either send us further into darkness or with a little tweaking put us on the road to sustained growth.


7 Responses to Anger, Fear and Confidence

  1. Jeff says:

    Doing something is better than doing nothing, and Obama is giving our leaders the chance to do some good and make a change for the better. This country needs good intentions, and that’s something we haven’t had in the presidency for a long time. Only time will tell if Obama is the answer to this problem, but his stimulus package is definitely a step towards solving our economic problems. It is true that politicians need to drop their egos, personal interests, and their party obligations and just try to help solve the problem. Without any cooperation it will be hard for us to get anywhere.

  2. Colleen says:

    This article displays what each American thinks. It shows the people who are angry with Obama already about the stimulus bill, and it also shows how people need to be given jobs in order to rebuild the economy. He proposes good ideas to help make the economy better and help people to make their lives stable again. This article is a sensible solution and should be read by many others.

  3. Alexis says:

    I have read the stimulus package for the State of Rhode Island alone and the “projects” that these millions of dollars are going toward are absolutely ridiculous! For example: $4,800,000 for the Roger Williams Park Zoo- Polar Bear Exibit. That is enough to renovate the WHOLE park zoo! Then they are renovating school’s tennis and basketball courts. Is the State in desparate need of tennis courts? Perhaps I am just uneducated in that aspect of our states’ needs. In conclusion if this is what the tiny state of Rhode Island is recieving in stimulus packages what are the larger states receiving? Also where is all this extra coinage going if not towards the designated projects?

  4. Loans says:

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  5. Alyssa Brennan says:

    I find this article so great! I love the ending “anger fear and confidence…can lead to sustained growth…” I totally agree with Colleen, people are so fast to say that hate his decisions but no matter what is decided needs to be done. At this point whether its anger of not, something needs to be done. I really agree with the line that talks about “the jobs that need to be brought back home.” This is so true, with all these jobs in third world countries our citizens are being support at the cost of the people who work each day. Where is the fairness in that? We work so we pay for those that don’t? I believe that there are so many things which our country relies on that is produced in other countries, by bringing even half of that home we could benefit as a whole.

  6. Mike says:

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  7. Steph Prusko says:

    I think this article was interesting because it focused on something more then just Obama’s stimulus package to try and save the economy. He spoke about the idea of the overwhelming amount of confidence that the American people have lost during this awful time. The last line, “Anger, fear and confidence”, are three things that need to be fixed, besides our other economic problems. People are angry because they feel Obama’s ideas aren’t working but at least it is an attempt that will hopefully cease our fear of what has become of our economy.

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