The Gun Nuts

The gun nuts are at it again. Fearing that Barack Obama and the Democratic Congress will pass more restrictive gun legislation, especially on semi-automatic assault weapons, gun-toting Americans are stocking up on handguns, rifles and plenty of ammo. Because of the fear of new legislation, assault rifles seem to be the biggest sellers with sales tripling in many locations, particularly in the gun happy South.  Overall, background checks for gun purchases were up in October by over 15% from last year and there is no end in sight to this run on guns in the coming months. 

I still don’t understand what the need is to have a personal arsenal at home – one gun for protection can make some sense, but multiple weapons borders on the ridiculous and the dangerous. Last time I looked around, the chances of being invaded by Mexico or Canada was remote. But this is America where guns are religious objects and millions of Americans belong to a church and the National Rifle Association.

Sadly, what we do have in this country is race-based fear that someday there will be open warfare between blacks and whites and that an arsenal of weapons will come in handy to fend off home invasions. A majority of Americans may have voted in an African-American as President but there are still millions of American who did not buy into a person of color as our national leader and worse yet are convinced that his election means that they will be disarmed and placed in mortal danger.

You have to feel sorry for these gun obsessed Americans who spend their hard earned money buying up guns they will never use, but that is their right and this is gun-happy America.


One Response to The Gun Nuts

  1. Dave Hardy says:

    It’s a perfectly simple economic decision. A “ban” would take the form of “no more can be made.” guess what happens then? After the “assault weapon ban,” the prices of rifles with the banned features roughly doubled. Pre-ban AR-15s went from about $500 to about $1,000 in a week. Understand, the difference between pre and post ban was trivial. They just took off the flash suppressor and deleted the bayonet lug, presto, it could still be made. But the price of a rifle that had those two features doubled, because demand went up but the supply could not.

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