Angry White Guys

I’m a white guy, but I’m not an angry white guy. It seems, though, that everywhere I go these days I run into an angry white guy. They are on talk radio, at football and soccer games, in barrooms and company picnics and right next to me during rush hour, usually screaming profanities. The profile of the angry white guy is an X chromosome usually in the 30-60 age range who is flaming mad about the state of America and American life and believes with all his inner fire that we are being taken to hell in a handbasket by liberals, Democrats, intellectuals, the media and those who dare question the motives and actions of the President. According to these guys, the above mentioned enemies of America have transformed this country into a nation of permissive whiners who don’t have the backbone to stand up to the effete elites.

The policy agenda of the angry white guys is pretty straightforward – taxes are too high, the military is not supported properly, Hollywood is really the modern version of Sodom and Gamorrah, welfare is filled with lazy cheats, government bureaucrats are stupid and educators are creating a generation of valueless wimps. What this country needs, so these guys claim, is a good dose of tough love, military discipline, and a complete eradication of those gray areas of ethics and morality.

I must admit that I am at a loss as to why there is so much anger stored up in these guys and why they so easily can present an enemies list and simple solutions to complex problems. Perhaps its because somewhere along the way these guys got pushed off their pedestal by women ( who by the way of no where near as angry as the X chromosomes); perhaps they long for a world of simplicity rather than nuance; or perhaps there is an angry gene that has yet to be discovered.

The problem with these angry white guys is that they love tough talk rather than diplomacy, invasion rather than negotiations, budget cuts rather than fiscal responsibility, junior high bathroom jokes rather than serious dialogue and political incorrectness rather than human respect. Put this all together and the result is a recipe for bull headed, narrow-minded, shoot from the hip responses to the challenges we face as a nation.

It would be refreshing if these angry white guys found the soothing comfort of the middle ground where moderation and prudence reside. It would be a pleasure to see these guys embrace calm and rational decision-making that accented compromise and consensus. And it would be pure joy if these guys worshipped at the altar of tolerance and community spirit. For too long the angry white guys have had a sympathetic ear in the corridors of power in Washington. I think it’s time that this country was run by happy white/black guys/gals.


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